Toddler Love with Hearts Door Decoration

Lotsa Toddler Love!

Valentine’s Day is coming up so here’s a great activity for  your toddler to create a special gift or decoration. Take some foam board and cut a square piece about 4 inches by 4 inches. Then let your toddler put some foam heart shaped stickers all over it. (Save two stickers for the end.) After he/she has put on all the stickers take some toile or ribbon and use the remaining two stickers to attach the toile to one side for hanging. BEAUTIFUL LOVE!


Supplies Needed-
– Foam board, or other piece of sturdy board/cardboard
– foam stickers, heart shaped or other themed
– toile or ribbon

– Talk about the colors of the hearts.
– Let your toddler group all the same color stickers together.
– This is also an activity that you can do a little bit each day!
– The final product will make a great Valentine’s Day gift for that special friend or relative!

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