Toddler Craft: Holiday Felt Napkin Rings

Last Minute Holiday Napkin Rings!

The big meal is just around the corner. Time to make some fancy holiday napkin rings! You’ll need the cardboard paper towel tube and another small plastic container ( photo shows a cottage cheese container) and some felt. Cut up the felt into small triangle pieces about 1/4 to 1/2 inch in length and put them in the cottage cheese container. Then take your cardboard tube and put some glue at one end around the tube (about 1-2 inches wide).

Now let your toddler hold the other end of the tube and put the glue end in the cottage cheese container with the felt and swirl it around so that the felt sticks to the tube. Pull it out and move any pieces that might need to be shaken off or moved around.

Then take some scissors and cut off the part with the felt on it so that you have a nice holiday napkin ring as shown in the photo. You can repeat the above again and again until you run out of the cardboard tube, or when you run out of your toddler’s attention!

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