Juice box blocks

Juice Box Blocks!

Aren’t you always looking for an easy activity for your toddler, especially when you are traveling or visiting somewhere? Here’s a simple way to get your toddler to play with the items you packed. Take those juice boxes and let your toddler use them like blocks to build something and knock it down. You can even take an empty cereal box and let your toddler have fun filling it up with the juice boxes and then dumping it out! The juice boxes can be unopened or empty, it won’t matter. Your toddler will just have fun with the colorful objects and all the fun things he/she can build with them.



Supplies Needed-
– a pack of juice boxes ( or just several of them)
– an empty cereal box ( or other box)

– This is a great activity for your toddler while you put away all the groceries. Let him/her help to organize the juice boxes on the shelf or in the box.
– While your toddler is playing with them, point out the different pictures of fruit on the boxes or the different colors.


  1. I’m not a parent, for so many reonsas, but I would say two things:1) It’s not wrong to do this, and in fact as she gets older it can become a great learning experience for her. My best friend was raised by a couple of wine aficionados, and she was taught from an early age that wines (and other alcohols) are something that should be *enjoyed*, and not merely slurped down in large amounts for the sake of intoxication.2) I would start now and point out that you are not drinking juice. Just like they say you’re not ever supposed to refer to pills as candy to a child, lest the kids decide to consume more than they really should. It’d be up to you and mommy to decide if she should be allowed to sample the wine and see for herself that it’s not juice. (Just from personal experience: if you’re drinking red wine, I suspect one sip would be all it takes to keep her off the stuff for a good while yet.

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