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Toddler Jump rope!

It’s time to have some fun and jump rope…well maybe just the belt from your bathrobe. This is an activity that you can do indoors or outdoors. If you don’t have a bathrobe belt, you can use some yarn and cut a piece 2 feet long. Then tape the ends to the floor/rug/driveway/sidewalk (make sure the yarn is pulled tight so that it is flat on the ground and your child can’t trip on it.) First, ask your toddler if he/she can step over the piece of “rope”. Then see if he/she can JUMP over the piece of “rope”. You can show him how at first and then see if he can follow your lead. He might jump on the yarn and that’s okay! Take turns jumping over the string and you can even bring out some stuffed animals to help demonstrate how to jump over string. For the more advanced jumpers, you can put down a few pieces of string about a foot apart so that your toddler can jump a few times in a row!


Supplies needed:
– string/yarn
– tape
– good jumping shoes

– Why not play some fun music while doing this activity!! Make it fun!
– If you have different colored yarn, ask your toddler to jump over the “yellow string” or the “blue string”

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