Toddler Newspaper Activity


Toddler Newspaper

All toddlers want to be like mom and dad, or any adult. So here’s a chance for them to pretend like they are adults. Take an old section of the newspaper, penny pincher or local newspaper and tape pictures of animals to the pages. Now sit down on the floor with your toddler and start to pretend to read the newspaper. Surely he’ll want to see what you are doing. Have him flip the next page and act surprised when you see the animals. He’ll get excited. Review the names of the animals and ask him if he thinks there are more. Continue to look through the paper and talk about the animals or any other pictures that you see in the newspaper (car ads, people, kids, objects). Its a great way to get your toddler familiar with this reading material and learn animals at the same time!

Supplies Needed-
– Old newspaper
– pictures of animals, printed clipart
– Keep some wipes handy since the newspaper ink can easily come off on the little fingers.
– You little one will like to see what sound the paper makes when the page is turned, so the activity might take a detour. Remember to go with it!

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