Toddler Game of Knock-Knock…Who’s There?

Knock! Knock! …-

Have some fun with the old “Knock! Knock!….Who’s There?” joke.  This is an activity that will have your child playing a form of peek-a-boo and learning what “knocking” is all about and learning the names of relatives and friends. You’ll need to print out the door to the right and cut the door out. Then tape it to a piece of paper ( any color) only on one side, where it hinges. This way you should be able to open the door. 

Now find some photos that you don’t mind cutting up and cut out the faces/bodies of some friends or relatives. Put a photo under the door flap, put the paper down on some cardboard ( or something hard) and then have your toddler knock on the door while saying “knock, knock”. Then have her ask “who’s there?”. Have her open the door and identify who she sees. You might need to help her with the name. Do it again, and don’t let her see what photo you put under the door flap so that she can be surprised!

Then let her pick a photo to put behind the door and have you the parent knock and ask who’s there. She’ll give out a squeal in anticipation!

Supplies Needed:
– Printer and paper to print out the door image.  (If you don’t have a printer you can always make a door from some brown construction paper)
– photos of friends and relatives
– scissors
– tape

– You can glue the paper and the door flap to some cardboard so that it doesn’t slip around.
– If you don’t have photos to use you can always use pictures of animals too.

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