Autumn Leaves Indoors

Autumn Indoors!
Teach your toddler about the season of “Autumn” and how the leaves come down! Print the sheet to the right and let your toddler color the leaves with red, orange, and yellow autumn colors. Then cut them out and let him/her throw them up into the air and watch them fall down. Better yet, put them in a bucket and hold the bucket high in the air and then dump the leaves out so that your toddler can try to catch them!

Supplies Needed-
– printer to print the sheet of leaves
– crayons/markers
– scissors

– Count the leave as you pick them up!
– Send a bunch of leaves in an envelope to a special relative in the south that doesn’t get to see the fall colors yet.
-You can always print the leaves on different colored paper and then cut them out
– Print a few sheets so that you can make a small pile of leaves to jump into!

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