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Library Time!! –
Let your toddler go to the home library and check some books out! Set up a bunch of board books along the floor, on a shelf, on a table, or anywhere that your toddler can get to. Give him a small bag and his very own library card. Have him write his name on the line. Then let him select some books, walk across the room to the table where you will check them out for him. Have him hand you the library card and all the books. Then pretend to scan them with something and then tell your toddler that they are due later.


Supplies Needed-
– books
– printer to print library card (or sheet of 9 cards for groups)
– small bag

– Be sure to count the number of books that you toddler is checking out from the home library. Let him count with you!
– While he is selecting the books, talk about what the books are about and what colors are on the covers.
– Be sure to whisper while you are in the home library…a great place to practice talking quietly. This is great practice for when you actually go to the real library!
– Put some contact paper on front and back of the library card to make it last longer, and even let your toddler bring it to the real library on your next visit!

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