Toddler Mini Aquarium

Make a mini-aquarium!

Here’s a fun activity for you and your toddler. Take a plastic reusable container with a lid. Now take some felt and cut out a fish shape about and inch and a half long. Put it between some contact paper so that it is sealed in. Then using some tape, tape a dime to the bottom of the fish, leaving about a half inch between the dime and the fish. (This dime will act as a weight to keep the fish close to the bottom of the container and not float to the top). Then print the sheet of underwater items and cut them out. Tape them to the outside of the container so that when you look through the front you’ll see them. Now fill up the container with water and let your toddler drop some small rocks or pennies into the container. Put your fish with the dime wait in and put the lid on. Now you can gently tip the container or giggle it to see the fish move around!

Supplies Needed-
– plastic reusable container with lid
– felt
– contact paper
– scissors
– tape
– coins
– printer to print sheet of underwater

– Use a small measuring cup and let your toddler fill up the container with water using the small cup
– Have your toddler make a wish when putting the pennies in the water
– Review the letters in the word “FISH”.
– Let your toddler help pick the color of the felt for the fish!
– Talk about how fish live in the water and swim around.
– Make some FISH Faces!!!!

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