Toddler Notebook

Toddler Notebook
Here’s a really simple activity that your toddler will love to carry around with his box of crayons or markers. It seems that toddlers always want to act like big people and with this little pad of paper, he can go around recording all his “notes and thoughts” just like adults. All you need is some construction paper, scissors and some string or ribbon. Let your toddler pick about 5 colors from the box of construction paper. Then, you the parent, cut the paper in half lengthwise. ( So that you end up with strips that are 4.25 ” x 11″…is doesn’t have to be exact. ) Now fold the strips in half so that you have the resemblance of a pad of paper. Next take some scissors or a hold puncher to put two holes along the top. Now push some string or ribbon into the holes and tie a good knot.

Supplies Needed:
– Construction paper
– Scissors
– string/yarn/ribbon

– Talk about the colors that your toddler picks
– Make a notebook for you the parent so that you can both go around making little notes together.
– Find a special crayon or marker that your toddler can always keep with the notebook.

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