Onesie Bag Dispenser

Onesie Bag Dispenser!
Save your money and recycle those plastic grocery bags with this simple toddler craft activity. Take an old infant or toddler onesie and decorate it with your toddler, using markers, or stickers.   You can even glue some felt to it if you want, or maybe some craft balls. When your toddler is done decorating, put the onesie up in your pantry hanging upside down  and stuff it full of plastic bags so that you can pull out a plastic bag from the neck opening.  (Always be careful and supervise your child with any plastic bag.)

 Supplies Needed-
– Old infant or toddler onesie (one on photo uses a size Large ( 27-34lbs))
– plastic bags
– markers

– While you are coloring or decorating the onesie, you might want to tell your toddler that this is a special time to be coloring on clothes.
– These would make great holiday gifts for those special people since they would be decorated personally by your toddler. 

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