Paint Chip colors fun!

Paint Chip Colors

Next time you are at your local home improvement store, pick up some of the paint color samples. For this project you’ll use those paint chips to help your toddler learn colors. With six colors, red, blue, green, orange, yellow and purple, we’ll be making a fun color chart for your child to draw on, again and again. Take the paint chips and glue them to a piece of cardstock (black or white). Then put a sheet of contact/laminate paper over the whole sheet. Now give you toddler a black crayon and let her draw some smiley faces on the paint chips. (or what ever she wants to draw). When she draws something on a certain color chip, be sure to say the name of the color like, “Oh Sarah, you are drawing on the Yellow one. That’s great! Good job. Can you draw on the blue one too?” Then use a paper towel or dry washcloth to wipe of the crayon markings when she’s done and she’ll have a blank sheet to begin again! This is a great thing that you can take with you on short trips to occupy your toddler when you are waiting somewhere (like the dr. office, at a restaurant, or in line).

Supplies needed:
– Paint chips/samples
– Cardstock
– Glue
– Contact/Laminate paper
– crayons
– paper towel

– You can use just a select number of colors if your toddler is just starting to learn colors. For instance, have two chips each of red, blue and yellow and mix them up on the sheet.

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