Paperback Book Fun Surprises

Paperback book Fun –

Toddlers love to act like adults and reading is a part of adult life! Find an old paperback book and tape/glue some cutouts ( see Tips below) in the pages of the book. Then put some construction paper over the cover and let your toddler color it with markers. Let your toddler pretend to read the book and find all the fun pictures, letters, shapes inside. You can pretend-read it together and talk about the colors of each picture that you find. Your toddler will enjoy acting like an adult and will feel proud that he/she can do something that you do. Let her help to glue the pictures on the pages.

  Supplies Needed-
– old paper back book
– glue/tape (optional, see Tip below)
– cutouts/pictures/photos

– Use some printouts from our past activities: Big Truck or Butterflies/Planes or Shapes or Garden Fun or Sheep

-Make sure to point out to your toddler that this is a fun book and that’s why he/she can glue pictures in it…just so that she doesn’t do it with all of your books!

– If you don’t want to tape/glue on the pages, then just wedge the pictures between the pages.

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