Design a Playground

Design a Playground!

Here’s a chance for your toddler to be in charge of a project and have some fun with pretend play. Print out the sheet of playground apparatus. Then cut out the different rides. Put a piece(s) of green poster board or construction paper on the floor and let your toddler decide where each ride goes in the playground. Tape or glue the ride onto the paper. Then find some little people toys/dolls that she can play with to go on the playground rides! This is a great time to let your toddler have some control over where the rides go and feel a sense of accomplishment when the playground is ready for the little people toys to play!

Supplies needed:
– Printer and paper to print the playground rides
– scissors
– Tape or glue

-Talk about the colors of each ride and how they work.
– Ask your toddler which is his/her favorite ride at the playground and which is the favorite ride of the dolls she is playing with.
– You can play with one of the dolls with her and work into the pretend-play these common issues :
– taking turns on the rides
– how to act when it is time to leave the playground (no tantrums/fits)
– how much fun each ride is!
– being careful on the equipment
– should never leave the playground area without mom/dad/guardian

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