Pockets Full of Shapes!

This is a simple toddler activity that you’ll both have fun with. Make sure that you, the parent, are wearing clothes with lots of pockets.  Then put a different piece of colored construction paper in each pocket, so that a little bit is showing. Show your toddler that there is something sticking out of your pocket. When she pulls out the piece of paper, congratulate her for finding the “RED” paper! and ask her if she thinks there are any more in any of the other pockets! If you want you can even draw some smiley faces on the pieces of paper or cut the paper into shapes.

– clothes with pockets
– Colored construction paper

– After finding all the paper in your pockets, put the paper in your toddler’s pockets!
– You can also do this activity with some of the other print outs that we offered on this site: Big Truck Little Trucks, or Garden Fun

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