Surprise Post-Nap Activity!

Post-nap Surprise
Here’s something fun to do, as a post-nap activity. While your toddler is sleeping, take all of your child’s trucks/dolls and line them up on the couch. Or put them in a big circle on the kitchen floor. Just be creative and line them up somewhere that your toddler wouldn’t expect it. It is fun to take all of one thing, like trucks, or little playing people, or animals, or dolls, or cars and line them up somewhere. When your toddler sees them all together she/he’ll be amazed at how many there are!  So when he wakes up, tell him that it seems like some of his toys were having a party while he was napping and he needs to go see what’s going on. Then let him find the toys all grouped together and watch his face light up! Time for some fun!

Supplies Needed:
– a little creativity
– your toddler’s toys

– When your toddler finds all the toys lined up, go ahead and count with him to see how many trucks are there.
– Or talk about how some of the trucks are alike (in color, shape or size) and how some of them are very different.

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