Learn to count with raisins or a snack!

Counting Raisins
Here’s an activity that your toddler will enjoy while she has a snack of raisins. ( Or other like sized snacks). Print out the sheet to the right and put it down on your toddler’s tray/table. Then put the raisins on top of the small ovals on the page. Let your toddler count the raisins as she gobbles them up!

Supplies Needed:
– printer and paper to print sheet

If your toddler wants to help, let her put the raisins on top of the small ovals.
– If you are currently working on a certain number, just keep using that circle only. For instance, if you want your toddler to learn 4, then just put four raisins down on top of the four ovals in circle 4, counting as you put them down. As she is eating each raisin, count to four. Then when the four are gone, put another four raisins down.

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