Toddler Games: Rollin!

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ !

This is a fun activity for the whole family! Find some floor space that is big enough for you to lie down and roll from left to right about a few feet. Then lie down on your back next to each other at one end of the room. Then have the first person/child start to roll to the other side of the room. Let that person go a bit then say “Here I come you better roll faster!” Try to roll to the other side of the room and catch up to your child. If you do catch up, just make some silly noises and encourage him/her to roll faster. Then when you get to the other end and can’t go any further, start to roll back to the other side and ask your toddler to catch you! This time it will be his/her turn to try to roll and get you!

Supplies Needed-

– floor space

– Pretend you are snowballs rolling around in the snow! You can even print out the snowflakes from our other activity to sprinkle on the floor.
– Your toddler might need help in learning to roll. To do this you can help to push her along. Or get a towel/blanket and roll her up in it, keeping her head out. Then gently lift one end very slowly so that she unravels out. This will help her to get the idea. BE GENTLE!!
– Giggle, laugh, giggle, laugh and have some fun! This is some great, fun exercise for your toddler, and for you too!
– Your toddler might just crawl or run to get you while you roll and that’s okay! As long as you are having some fun, laughing a bit and getting some natural exercise, it’s all good!

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