Safe Sewing with Eggcrate

Toddler Sewing FUN!
Here’s a great way to teach your toddler about sewing. Take a Styrofoam egg crate and cut the top off. Next,  cut out the bottom circle of a few cups ( see picture). Make sure the openings are big enough so that a small infant spoon can go through. Then take a small plastic infant spoon and tie a piece of ribbon to it. Next, show your toddler how to push the spoon through one of the holes and pull it out the other side. Then push the spoon through a different hole and pull the spoon through. Repeat as many times as you want!


Supplies Needed:
– styrofoam egg crate
– scissors
– ribbon
– plastic infant spoon


This is a great activity to help your toddler develop dexterity.
– Let your toddler be creative and experiment with this activity.
– Your toddler might want to just crush the egg crate and that’s okay! Every activity is a learning activity!
– When your toddler is done. Put the final product aside so that you can show “daddy or mommy” at the end of the day!


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