If the Shoe Fits sizing toddler activity

If the Shoe Fits…!! –
This is a fun family activity! Let your toddler try to walk across the room in your shoes! Line up your slippers, sandals, boots, sneakers, and anything else that would be fun for your toddler to try! Have your toddler start with the first pair and walk across the room to  you. Make sure to have the camera ready! Talk about the color of the shoes, and if they are heavy or not. You might need to hold his hand while he tries to walk across the room. To build up interest, start with one of his stuffed animals trying on the shoes!


Supplies Needed-
– shoes
– floor space

– Boots are really fun to watch your toddler try on. If they are way to big, just have your toddler sit down and try them on. He doesn’t have to walk in them.
– If there’s a smaller baby in the house, have your toddler try on too! Talk about why it doesn’t fit!

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