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Spin the bottle!

No this isn’t the old fashioned party game you are thinking of, it’s for toddlers! Find an empty 12 oz plastic water/soda bottle. Now find some floor space where you can make a circle of board books. Put the bottle in the middle and spin it! Watch it spin around and around. When it stops, read the book where the bottle is pointing to! Oh such fun! Take turns spinning the bottle and reading. This makes reading fun and can also be played with a group.


Supplies needed:
– floor space
– small board books
– empty 12 oz (or 2 Liter) plastic water/soda bottle

– For an added effect, put some fun colored craft pompom/balls inside the ball to watch as it spins.
– You  might just want to read a few pages before spinning the bottle again. Your child will probably be drawn to the bottle and want to play with it!

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