Toddler Swaddle Fun

Toddler Swaddle

That’s right, time to make your toddler snug as a bug. Find a big blanket or sheet and have your toddler lie down with her head up near one corner. Then fold up the bottom corner and then each side, just as you swaddled her when she was a newborn. (You can leave her arms out if you want.)Fold it snug so that your toddler has to wiggle and worm her way out. You can even tickle her a little to help with the wiggling!

Supplies Needed:
– Big blanket

While you wrap up your toddler talk about how you did this when he was a baby
– As you fold over each corner, count them! 1, 2, 3!
– Talk about how the blanket feels, is it soft, fuzzy, or smooth?

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