Toddlermaids ready to clean!

Toddlermaids! –

You parents are going to love this toddler activity. Put you toddlers to work cleaning for you! They’ll have fun with this activity too! Take your duster floor mop and unscrew the top three segments. You’ll now have just the “mop” part and one segment on the stick. Now screw on the end handle and you have just the perfect height for your toddler. Either put on a duster sheet or tape a piece of paper around in (in place of the duster sheet) and let him push it around. You can even put some pieces of torn paper on the ground to let him push them around. (Great training for future use!)

 Supplies needed:
– Duster mop
– paper

– You might need to show your little toddler how to do this first, then watch out as he/she takes control!
– If you are concerned with the top handle being too pointy, then just leave two segments of the stick attached to the mop instead of taking off the top three.
– If your tot isn’t quite stable on two legs then let her sit down and push the mop on the floor

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