Toddler yoga

Toddler Yoga Time!

Watch the video below with your toddler and try some of the techniques on the floor! (This is just a short promo video but it has some great ideas to start with). Put a blanket or yoga mat on the floor and do the exercises with your toddler. Have some fun, stretch and get some exercise! To do the tightrope you can even put a long piece of tape on the floor/rug and see if your toddler can walk on it! Or let your toddler bring a stuffed animal and have it do the yoga exercises! HAVE FUN!

Supplies Needed-
– floor space
– yoga mat/ blanket

– Start with some deep breaths sitting on the floor with your toddler in your lap.
– Then wiggle like crazy and get ready for the video!

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  1. Rebecca Villa says:

    Just wanted to let you know that it is not possible to view this video. It says it is private.