Toddler Game: Bib Tug-o-war

Toddler Tug-o-war

Here’s an easy activity that will only require two bibs! For the real young toddlers just loop the two bibs together and then have your toddler hold one and you hold one. Then ask your toddler to pull. Be sure that he is sitting down so that when the loops break he doesn’t lose balance and fall down. Laugh and clap when the bibs pull apart and talk about which one stayed together and which one opened up. Talk about the colors of the bibs, and any words or pictures on them. For the older toddlers, have them hold the bib in their right hand and then the left hand while pulling each time. Then try to see if he can pull the bibs apart by himself. You might even try to play tug-o-war with your toes/feet!



Supplies Needed-
– 2 bibs

– Have fun and giggle lots! That will make any activity fun, fun, fun!

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