Toddler Game of Tahtzee!

Toddler Tahtzee!! (like Yahtzee. lol.)

Kids love to dump things out and this game/activity is the perfect chance to do that!  You’ll need an empty cottage cheese container (or other container) and some block-like toys. Put the “blocks” in the container, and shake them around. Then roll them out onto a hard floor. Your toddler will enjoy hearing all the noise of the toys. After they are on the floor, take each one and place them in a row, counting as you go. Then let your toddler put them back into the container and now it is his turn to shake and roll. 


Supplies Needed-
plastic container
– block-like toys
– hard floor

If you are using alphabet blocks you can say the letters that are rolled
– If there is more than one child, make up a container for both and let them take turns rolling out their own “dice” or see what they can roll together!

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