Toddler Activities: BOOtiful Garden Craft

Toddler Activites and Crafts: Halloween Bootiful Garden Craft

You can have some fun with your toddlers and preschoolers and make a”BOOtiful” Garden craft.

Don’t you ever notice that your little ones just like to crumble up paper? Well this is just the activity to do! Take a white piece of printer paper and let your toddler crumble up that piece up paper to his/her heart’s content. Squish it into a ball and then unfold it out flat again. Then let your toddler rip the paper up into smaller pieces ( about 6 pieces is good). That will give you the right size pieces for making ghosts.

Next, you ( the adult) can cut a round top from each ripped piece to make the top of the ghost. Next make some eyes with a black crayon or marker. If your toddler can help, let her make the eyes and count “1,…2” as she makes them.

Now take a piece of black paper and a piece of green paper. Cut a strip of the green paper, and either cut or rip it to make some grass. Glue/or tape it to the black sheet of paper.

Now for some more crumbling fun. Cut out a few circles of colored paper, for flowers and let your toddler crumble them up. Tear them a bit to make some flower shapes and now you are ready to glue/tape everything together to make a “BOOtiful garden!

Share you pics! I’d love to see how they come out! :) BOO!

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  1. me and my 3 year old twins had fun doing this project they loved crumbling the paper