Game: Exercising with Numbers


Here’s something to do on a rainy day! Make your own soft kid barbells and let your toddler / preschooler have some fun with games and exercising too!

To make the soft barbell all you need is a toilet paper roll ( or paper towel roll cut in half or thirds), one long black sock and some more socks to stuff each end.

Here’s what you do. Take the long black sock and stuff a couple socks down in the bottom to make one end of the barbell. Then feed the top of the sock through the roll. Next take a couple more socks and stuff them inside up against the roll and then tie the end of the sock into a knot. Depending on the length of the black sock, you can tuck the end back into the roll.

Now the fun part. You can make just two and let your toddler pretend to exercise along with you or you can make several and play a game!

  • Make several and number them 1-5 ( or whatever amount you make) and then spread them around the room. Have your toddler jog with you to each one and raise it up into the air the same number of times that is written on the barbell. Celebrate and move on to the next.

Note: you could also use some different colored socks to have fun with colors!

Go get ’em Rocky! :)

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