Toddler Game to find the Pacifier

Find the Paci ( Binky)
What would we do without that pacifier!?? Well here’s an activity where you can have fun with it and let your toddler shake things while doing so! Take out a bunch of your plastic tupperware/disposable containers and their lids. Now take your toddler’s pacifier and put it in one of the containers. Put the lids on all the containers and mix them up. Then have your toddler find the paci! Let him shake them to listen for something inside, or look through the lid to see if anything is inside. While he is looking you can talk about the shape of the container he is holding. “What’s inside that round container?” Or ” That container has a blue lid, do you think the paci is inside it? Have fun mixing them around and sliding them across the floor!


– plastic tupperware/disposable containers
– Pacifier ( or another small toy to use)


– If you have more than one pacifier you can put them all in separate containers, and ask your toddler to find 3 pacifiers. Then count them as you find them!


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