Celebrate World Cup Toddler Party

Have some soccer fun with your tots and make a silly Toddler Foosball player. You’ll need a big piece of poster board or a box ( low walls). Cut some slits in the sides to fit a wooden spoon handles that you have. Then cut out the soccer game images in the attached sheet and tape a soccer player to each end of the wooden spoons that are in the inside. Glue the two goals on either end. (you can even cut out a hole for the ball to go through) Then put in a ball and let your toddler move the spoons back and forth on either side, to move the ball around. Cheer your players on! When your toddler hits the ball with the wooden spoon that has the orange player, make sure to point out…” Hey Suzie, look at that guy in the Orange shirt kick that ball. Way to go!” to review colors. You might find out that Dad wants to play too! :)

– Printer to print out sheet of soccer images.
– Scissors to cut
– Tape
– Poster Board, or box with low sides
– Wooden spoons

–  You can use two wooden spoons on each side, or more, or use a spatula.
– If you are feeling really crafty, you can color the bottom green, or put down some green construction paper.
– You can always just make this without the soccer print outs, or just look at the printouts and talk about the colors, parts of the body and what they players are doing with your toddler. Have fun!

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