Help Child Learn with a Numbers Hunt!

We all know how toddlers love to find things…so here’s a fun toddler hunt where they can find some colors while learning their numbers! Print out the sheets of numbers for what ever numbers you are trying to teach your toddler. Cut them out and glue them on a sheet of colored construction paper. (So have all 1-6 on one color, then 7-12 on another color). Then if you have it, put some contact paper over the whole sheet so that you can use them over and over. Then cut them into cards (see above). Now hide them (in obvious places) so that your toddler can wander around the room and find them. The different colors will help her find them. This way after you find them all you can have your toddler put them in piles with matching colors. Then you can take the number from a color group and put them in order!

– print out the sheets of numbers
– scissors ( adult use only)
– colored construction paper
– contact paper
– glue
– appetite for having fun!

– Let your toddler hide them around the room for you to find!
– Be sure to talk about the colors your toddler finds and what keep repeating what number is on the back to your toddler can learn the numbers.

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