Toddler Paintbrush with Romaine Hearts

So we are really going green here and decided that the end of a Romaine Lettuce heart is the perfect fit for those toddler hands! When you get to the end of that Romaine heart, cut off the end and let your little one use some paint to make some great paintings. You’ll see that the lettuce leaves actually look like a flower or rose when you use it like a stamp. Best of all, when you are done, just put the “paintbrush” down the garbage disposal!

Then enjoy the wonderful painting!

– paper
– ends of Romaine Lettuce Hearts, or other vegetables
– kids non-toxic paint
– damp paper towels to wipe up, or washcloth

You can also use the end of a big carrot for stamps.
– Talk about the colors, or shapes, or how to make different colors by mixing two together.
– Be creative and have fun! :)

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