Make a fun Toddler Dog Book


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Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!
Hey toddlers, it’s time to look at some dogs. This is something that you can make and take with you to have on hand while waiting in line at the store. Print out the sheet of dogs and cut them on the lines. Then either use a stapler or hole punch to string them into a little book. While you have your toddler in the cart and are waiting to checkout, take out this book and look at all the fun dogs. Talk about the colors, the sizes, and how they look different! Be sure to make some dog barking noises too!

– print the sheet of DOGS
– scissors (for adult use only)
– stapler or hole punch and yarn/string

– Why not put some contact paper of the sheet before cutting so that your mini- dog book lasts longer!

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  1. michelle barnes says:

    I love all baby when they make little thing for they dady an mother