Toddlers Craft Activity: Sticky Note Envelope Purse


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Have some fun with your toddlers designing purses with sticky notes and envelopes!

Just take a small envelope and some different colored sticky notes. ( If you don’t have sticky notes, you can always use construction paper and tape. )

For the circles, you’ll need to create a pattern to cut ( I used the bottom of a cup)…so that you can keep the top part of the sticky note as a strip. See photo. Cut a few sticky notes like this. and then start from the bottom of the front of the envelope and add rows till you get to the top.

Toddlers Activities, Games, Crafts: Sticky Note Purse

For the fringe purse, just take a few sticky notes together and cut strips up, leaving about a half inch at the tops of the notes ( the sticky part). Then start at the bottom of the envelope and stick each note across. Do another row in a different color if you wish. Repeat until you get to the top of the envelope. Beautiful!

Tips/Suggestions for Toddlers:

  • Talk about the colors your toddler likes
  • Talk about the shapes you see
  • Talk about how the notes are sticky or how they feel
  • Put some coupons inside for that next trip to the grocery store!

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