Group Party Activities for toddlers

A Toddler (Dora) Treasure Hunt Puzzle!:
Have each toddler bring a special backpack for this event. Then put a plastic spoon, plastic fork, napkin, sippy cup, bib or straw  hidden around the room. Then put one of same of each item in a backpack (So each backpack only has one item). Then tell each toddler that it’s time to figure out the treasure hunt puzzle. Next go around the room and when you find an item, ask each toddler to open up his/her backpack to see who has that item in his/her backpack. Celebrate when a toddler finds the item in his backpack. Talk about what it is, what color, and what you do with it. Then look for the next item. After you have found all the items and matched them with all the backpack items. Ask the toddlers what they think the treasure is!!! A Snack!!! Have a nice snack ready for them to nibble on.

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