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Child Weather Forecast Activity!
So with all the crazy weather going on out there, we think it’s time for the little professionals to come out and forecast some stellar weather for us! If you have an old map lying around, or want to draw an outline on a big poster board you can then tape it to a wall (low enough for your toddler to reach it). Then print out the sheet of weather “signs” and cut them out. Then put a piece of tape on the back of each and let your child put the weather signs up on the map. Important: Be sure to take a picture while asking your toddler to point to the sun! So you can show everyone how your child is forecasting the weather for the next week!

Supplies Needed-
– printer to print the sheet of weather “signs” or make your own. :)
– old ( or new) map ( or get a tourist one at your local chamber/town)
– tape
– camera
– Talk about what it looks like outside..if it is sunny, or cloudy or rainy.
– Look at the map and try to trace some of the lines or roads from each weather sign, kind of like a big connect the dots game!

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