Spoons in the Box!


Toddlers Activities & Games: Cereal Box Spoons

You can have some fun with this easy activity to do with your toddlers. Take an empty cereal box and take a utility knife to cut a small cross(X) in the middle of the front or back. Make the cross just big enough for your toddler to push a small plastic toddler/infant spoon through it. Close the top flap of the box, and take about 10 plastic spoons and then let your toddler push them in the box through the opening you just made. Then let your toddler pick up the box and shake it around to hear all of the spoons make noise inside. Sit on the rug and slide it back and forth to each other. Open it up and let your toddler dump all the spoons out.  Then do it all over again!

– empty cereal box
– utility knife or scissors
– a bunch of small plastic toddler/infant spoons

Talk about the colors and the number of spoons there are.

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