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Who is in charge?

So many times, so many people will tell you how to discipline your toddlers. Everyone has an opinion. It is important to remember that a child wants and needs to know who's in charge. They are looking for guidance about what they can or cannot do. Imagine if you took a job and your boss didn't tell you what you could or couldn't do all day. Wouldn't that be just confusing and troubling?

Do the right thing.

Sometimes we mistaken a reason to discipline with our own pet peeves. If it bothers you to hear your toddler say the same word over and over, then that's your issue. Your child isn't really doing anything wrong, is he? Just remind yourself that you ultimately want your child to do the right thing.


We live in a society where sharing has become mandatory, instead of voluntary. One mom confesses that she doesn't make her toddler share with anyone. She does, however, let her son know that if he doesn't share then his friends might not want to play with him because it isn't fun. This way, her toddler can understand that he might want to share so they can all play together.

It isn't easy being in charge.

Sometimes adults will take the easy way out and avoid the need to let the child understand how things work. It can be much easier to just give a toddler a new toy to stop the crying even if he wasn't being nice to others. This only hurts the parent in the years to come. Kids are smart. They will learn what works and what doesn't, but the adults will want to work at being consistent and strong about their decisions