Easy Toddler Craft with just a Cereal Box!


Toddler Activities: Cereal Box into a Gift Box (www.toddlertoddler.com)

Do you ever ask yourself “How can I keep my child entertained while I cook?”

Well, here’s one easy way, and all you need is a cereal box. All you need to do is pull the cereal box apart at the seams, flip inside out and re-tape back together.

Now you can let your toddler color it or put stickers on it. And the next time you need a small gift box for a birthday present, use a decorated cereal box! :)

Toddler Activities: Cereal Box into Gift Box from www.toddlertoddler.com

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  1. This is awesome! I feel like I ask myself that question every weekday…

    I’d love it if you’d link up to my Teaching Time for Toddlers post!


  2. This site continues to exceed my wildest dreams time and time again. The world is a better place with http://www.Toddlertoddler.com – Thnaks Joan