Big Truck, Little Truck. Find and lea…

Big Truck, Little Truck, One Truck, Two Trucks – 

You’ll need to do a little prep work for this activity (or just click on the trucks to print the sheet of trucks). Find your toddler’s favorite toy and take a digital picture, preferably on a simple background. Then download to your computer and print off different sizes of the photo. (You can use your system’s program to print “Picture Packages” with several different sizes on one sheet.) Then cut them up and place them around the room or house. Now, tell your little one that it’s time to find the Big Trucks and Little Trucks. (Or big doll and little doll.) During the activity you can create groups of the different sizes and then count how many you have of each size!


Supplies Needed-
– A digital camera (or just click on the trucks to print the sheet of trucks)
– Your toddler’s favorite toy/stuffed animal
– Computer, printer and paper

– If you want to use these again, you can print on cardstock or photo paper and then put contact paper over them. This way they will last a bit long and won’t get all crumbled up.
– After your little one has found them all, you can have him hid them this time.
– While your toddler is looking for the images, you can review things like “on top, underneath, next to, or in front of, etc.

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