Make a Cereal Box Sidewalk


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Cereal Box Sidewalk!

Make something fun for your toddler to toddle on! Use a bunch of empty cereal boxes and cut them open. Then cut the top and bottom flaps off. Lay them down on the floor in a line and let your toddler crawl, toddler, or walk on top of them! As he is walking on them, talk about what color he sees or what color his foot is on, or what object he is standing on! You can point out some letters too!

Supplies Needed-
– empty cereal boxes
– tape (if desired, you can tape the cardboard down on the floor so that they don’t move while your toddler walks on them)

– Let your toddler help to line up the boxes on the floor. Ask him if you should put the orange one down next to the blue one.
– Help your toddler jump the “cracks” but be sure that they don’t slip or you tape the boxes to the floor.

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  1. Just such a clever idea

  2. Did this with my 3 year old twins and they loved it it’s such a simple thing they also used it as a road for their cars


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