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Hands and Feet –

Fun, fun, fun activity! Cut out some felt handprints and footprints of all different colors about the size of your toddler’s hands and feet.

 Then put them on the floor and have your toddler jump on the footprints and then put his hands down when he sees a handprint. Ask him to jump on the blue foot print or put his hand on the yellow handprint on the couch.

Your toddler will love to jump around the room and the colors are fun to look at!

 Supplies Needed-
– felt of all different colors.
– scissors

– Let your toddler be the model for the cutouts. Take a white piece of paper and trace around your toddler’s hand and foot. Then cut that out to be your cutting guide when cutting the felt.
– This is a great activity for a bunch of toddlers to take turns and let them move the felt pieces around the room!
– Make a couple of your size feet and hands and do it with your toddler. Compare the different sizes!

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  1. Yolanda says:

    Thanks for the idea, it looks like fun!

  2. Thanks for this idea, I love it. I’m a grandma and I’m always looking for new ideas for crafts.

  3. hey

  4. Thank you very much i am a student at MHS and i am working with children in my child care class and i always love doing hands of projects with them but i can never think of fun new exciting one’s thank you again!


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