Ball Ramp Fun with a diaper box : …

Ball Ramp Box

Tired of the same old ball game! Here’s a fun ball activity that your toddler will enjoy (and you will also). Take an empty box (diaper boxes work great) and tape the opening shut. Then cut a big circle out of one end (see pic.) Next cut the top of the box out, leaving one end opposite of the circle end intact. Then push the top down into the box and tape the one end to the inside of the box, making a sort of ramp. Set the box up so that the circle cutout is on top and then let your toddler drop a ball into the hole. It will hit the “ramp” and roll along the floor


Supplies Needed-
box (diaper box)
– utility knife/scissors to cut box
– tape
– balls

– Let your toddler drop a bunch of balls at once into the circle hole and see where they all end up!
– For the more athletic toddlers, see if they can throw a ball into the circle opening.
– If your toddler doesn’t want to put the ball down the circle opening, then you drop the ball and let your toddler go retrieve the ball. (or have him sit in front of the ramp so that the ball rolls to him)

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