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Catch me if you can! –
Everyone knows that toddlers and preschoolers love to tear things down or pull things off. Here’s a chance for them to get that out of their system while learning their numbers and getting a good stretch. Print the sheet of butterflies and/or planes and cut on the lines to make cards. Now you’ll use a little tape to stick the four butterflies/planes to a wall, door, refrigerator, etc, in order from left to right, 1,2,3,4. Put them up just high enough that  your toddler needs to reach up high to get them. Then ask your toddler to catch them and put them in a little basket or truck. Guide her to get them in order. Each time he/she gets one say the number on the card. When all 4 have been caught celebrate with “hooray’s” and clapping. Then do it again somewhere else in the house.

Supplies needed:
– printer and paper to print the sheet of butterflies only, planes only, both
– contact paper (optional) to put on the sheet before cutting to make them more durable
– tape
– (basket to put them in)

– While doing this activity your toddler might be distracted with other toys or things in the room, but will keep coming back to pull them off the wall as long as you keep taping them up. You’ll see!
– Make sure to put the numbers up in order from left to right… 1, 2, 3, 4. This helps to get them in the mode of going from left to right (preparation for reading).
– You can also alternate the height of the butterflies so that your toddler will need to stretch up high to get number 1 and then bend down low to get number 2, then up and down again for 3 and 4.
– You can always put the butterflies/planes around the room too, on different pieces of furniture.

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