Paper Plate easy art painting : toddl…

Easy ART!!
paper plate painting
Here’s a great activity where your child can have some fun making some artwork, without making too much of  a mess. Take a paper plate and soak it in water for a few seconds. Then put it down on a table covered with newspaper and let your toddler draw on the wet plate with some washable markers. She’ll see how the colors run, just like watercolors! (The best part is that you don’t have to use paint and paintbrushes!)


Supplies Needed-
paper plates
– washable markers

You might need to show your child first how the colors will change by running a marker over the plate.
– Show your toddler what happens when two colors are used next to each other.
– Why not set up a plate for yourself to do next to your toddler!!?? 

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