Toddler Grocery List: Activity

Grocery List Time!

Let your toddler help with buying the groceries on the next trip to the supermarket! Print out the sheet to the right and tell your toddler that it’s time to go to the store to buy some food. Go over the list and tell him that you need him to mark each item as you put it in the cart. Take it with you to the store and while your toddler is strapped in the cart, give him a crayon and his toddler grocery list and tell him to keep an eye out for all the things you need. It will occupy him and keep everyone happy!


Supplies Needed-
– Printer and paper  to print Toddler Grocery List
– crayon

– While you are shopping, you can ask your toddler what the different pictures are on his grocery list. And ask him which ones he likes to eat. Or have him point to the “banana” for you.
– Your toddler might just rip it up, so why not glue the list to some cardstock and then put some contact paper over it. That way it can be used over and over again.

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  1. Karen Emberley says:

    You could also set up a pretend grocery store in your own living room and have your toddler go “shopping” for the things on the list.


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