Hi-Five Felt Colors (*favorite)

Hi-Five Colors!

Toddlers love to imitate and work on coordination skills. Here’s a great activity for your toddler to review colors and giving a “Hi-Five”. Take your toddler’s hand and draw an outline on some paper. Cut it out and use it as a pattern to cut out handprints in different colored felt. Now put the handprints all over the floor, couch, table and ask your toddler to find the “green” handprint and give it a hi-five! This is also a great activity for a group of toddlers!


Supplies Needed-
– paper and pen to trace your toddler’s hand
– felt
– scissors

– It is important to use your toddler’s hand for the pattern so that he/she can see that it is a copy of “her” hand. That makes it special.
– You can count the number of handprints you have also.

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  1. Love it! Got a stack of craft foam and two very hot toddlers, off to sit under a tree with this activity, thanks

  2. Just an idea for those who are experiencing color confusion issues. Studies have shown that color is very difficult to grasp due to how children listen to modifiers. Instead of saying “the green hand” say “the hand that is green” that way they are able to focus on the hands first then on what is different about the hand that they are looking for.

    read: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=why-johnny-name-colors

    She explains it so much better

  3. Super idea. I love these ideas that are so simple and can be used 100 times in so many different ways. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Toddler Teacher in Jersey says:

    As a Toddler teacher (and former Kinder/PreK teacher) I love this idea!….you wouldn’t believe the kids I had even in older classes that didn’t know their colors. When you stated the whole thing about make them concentrate on the the item first them the color a bell went off! I guess as a teacher I would say well DUH…….thanks


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