Toddler Games: Hi Fives and Lo Fives


Hi Five Lo Five!

All toddlers love to give Hi-Fives! Here’s a fun activity for your toddler to move around the room and practice this with hands and feet! Print out the sheet of handprints and footprints. Let your toddler color them with a crayon if she wants. Then cut them out for her and place around the room, on the floor or couch.

Show her what to do by going around to each one and when you see a hand, smack it with your hand and give it a hi-five. 

Then when you see a foot, step on it with your foot to give a lo-five! After you have done it, encourage your toddler to do the same thing! She’ll probably want to watch you do it again, because you looked so funny, so go with it!

Supplies Needed-
– Printer to print the handprints/footprints
– crayons
– scissors

– Depending on the age and development stage of your toddler you can take a couple of different approaches to this activity. If your toddler is younger, you can just work on doing the act of a hi-five. If your toddler is a little older you can work on identifying “hand” and “foot”. If it is appropriate for your toddler, you can count the number of hands and feet as you “smack” them.
– Putting the prints on a pillow makes if fun to “smack”!

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