Toddler craft: Make some Holiday Placemats

Toddler Holiday Placemats!

These placemats made personally by your toddler will be a hit at the holiday feast. You might want to prepare the felt pieces before working on this project with your toddler. Cut out a strip about an inch wide of the green felt lengthwise. Then cut out some trees from the green felt. Cut a thin strip of white and some small square pieces for the snow. Then take some red felt and cut a few small squares and rectangles for the presents. Now, with your toddler, take a blue sheet of felt and put it on a flat working surface. Then let your toddler help to put the green strip of grass along one side of the blue felt. Next, let your toddler place the trees near the grass. Now add the snow strip on top of the grass and the snowflakes in the air! The final touch is to add the presents under the tree! When the masterpiece is finished, just take some contact paper and lay it over the felt picture. Turn it over and fold the rest of the contact paper over the back. You have now sealed your felt artwork inside the contact paper so that you have a beautiful holiday placemat! Great job!

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