Toddler Restaurant road Map with …

Restaurant Roadway!

Print out the roadmap and the vehicles and bring them with you the next time you go out to a restaurant. Cut out the vehicles and tape them to the top of some sugar packets and let your toddler zoom them around the track/road on the map. Talk with them about each vehicle and how many wheels they have or the colors on them.  You can even talk about the different sounds that they make! Your toddler will have a blast and time will pass by quickly while you are waiting for the food to arrive. This activity can also be done at home too, just tape the vehicles to some mini raisin boxes!



Supplies Needed-
– Printer to print the map and vehicles

– Scissors
– Tape
– Sugar packets at the restaurant or raisin boxes at home. (or some other item that works in the similar way)

– You might want to cut out the vehicles before going to the restaurant and be sure to bring a roll of tape.
– Maybe have a race with your toddler around the roadway! First one doesn’t have to eat the broccoli!

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